How we work with Plan Participants

nVest Advisors was built by and for "regular" people. It's always been our mission, and it always will be.

If your company's retirement, HSA, or other benefit plan is being advised by us, we want to make sure you have a richly rewarding experience as the plan's participant.

Here's just a brief list of how we do things differently here at nVest Advisors:
  • Your plan's financial advisor will visit your place of business at least twice per year, so you can have private, in-person time to discuss your company plan or any questions you may have about your financial life. This is a service we provide for all of our plan sponsors, and we're happy to do it at no additional cost to you.
  • Educational webinar opportunities, on a wide variety of financial subjects, throughout the year.
  • Reduced advisory fees if you ever leave your company and wish to remain an individual client with us.
  • Access to our financial resource smartphone app, MyWealthAdvisor. You'll be able to access (and share) tons of articles, videos, mini-seminars, and calculators, anytime from anywhere.
  • Depending on your company's plan specifics, you will be offered either free or very affordable personal financial planning, if your situation needs it. We call our planning program the "nVestor LifeCycle", and it will provide you with help on every aspect of your financial life, including debt and budgets, other investment accounts, emergency savings and saving for other goals like college, making sure your estate needs are addressed, making sure you have the insurance coverages you need, and much more. And then, after your plan is in place, we work with you on an ongoing basis to make sure everything gets done (and stays that way).
  • A monthly e-newsletter, market updates, and client alerts, just for our plan participants.
  • And much more!

At nVest Advisors, we work hard to provide unmatched personal attention and care for all of our plan participant clients. We hope you enjoy the difference!